Find the agency information you will need in order to make bookings, as well as Carrousel’s contact information and general operations procedures.


Carrousel’s ARC/IATA/CLIA number or phone number will be needed when making reservations with vendors.

ARC/IATA/CLIA Number // Email for number
Phone // 612-866-2503


6625 Lyndale Avenue South
Suite 104
Minneapolis, MN 55423

Phone: 612-866-2503
Fax: 612-866-9644

Email: Staff members at Carrousel Travel can also be reached by email. All email addresses are the employee’s first initial and last name followed by

EX: Doug Moorhouse –


The ARC week runs from Monday to Sunday. Tickets may be voided by 4:45p the day following issuance. Tickets run on Friday have until Monday to void.


Carrousel Travel is open Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm CST. Please see the CONTACT page for specific employee’s work hours. Reservations that require ticketing by Carrousel staff need to be queued over by 4:45pm CST for processing. This includes exchanges, voids or refunds. Reservations sent over after that time will be handled the next business day.

Jack is checked on the weekend and all exchanges, refunds and voids that are queued over before 1:00pm CST will be handled that day. If the reservation is sent after that time it will be processed the following day. It is the agent’s responsibility to make sure that your reservation is priced correctly for any exchanges or waiver codes.

*Reminders, Exchanges, voids and refunds must be queued over by 4:45pm CST to be processed that day.

If you have an exchange or void that needs to be completed in the evening you may call our after-hours emergency number 800-666-8731 for assistance.

The Jack script is checked on the weekends to ensure that is running and processing tickets and tour/cruise invoices. The cut off for exchanges, refunds and voids is 1:00pm CST on Saturday and Sunday. Records sent after those times are not guaranteed to be processed. Tickets issued on Friday, Saturday or Sunday can be voided up until Monday at 4:45pm CST. If you have an urgent exchange after our weekend hours you may contact after hours at 800-666-8731. There is a fee of $25 for using the after-hours service.


Carrousel Travel issues tickets 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via our script, Jack. Jack has been designed specifically for Carrousel Travel. Agents are able to process reservations anytime whether the office is open or not, provided all procedures are correctly followed.


All check payments should be sent to Carrousel Travel:
6625 Lyndale Avenue South, Suite 104, Minneapolis, MN 55423, Attn: Operations

Checks must be made payable to Carrousel Travel for the full gross amount of the booking and sent to the office. Carrousel Travel will in turn pay the vendor the net amount and you will be paid commission on your next monthly statement. Check payments made directly to vendors are not permitted when using Carrousel Travel’s ARC, CLIA, or other account number. A $100 fee will be charged for doing so. Membership with Carrousel Travel will be terminated for repeated violations of the policy or if an agent submits an NSF check to a vendor.

All payments related to Carrousel Travel’s ARC/IATA should be sent to Carrousel Travel’s main office. You may not request suppliers send payments of any kind to your address directly. You may not cash checks payable to or containing Carrousel Travel or Outdoor Adventure Travel listed on them.

Associates are strictly prohibited from opening bank accounts, or credit cards containing the business name of Carrousel Travel or Outdoor Adventure Travel.

Although airline tickets and other travel services can generally be paid for by credit card, the acceptance policies of the individual airlines, tour operators and cruise lines vary. In some cases, a cruise line or tour operator may require a signed Universal Credit Card (UCC) form. In all cases, Carrousel Travel recommends that the agent have a signed, imprinted UCC form on file for clients. If a client disputes a credit card charge or if a client uses a canceled, expired or stolen credit card, the agent will be charged for any amounts billed to Carrousel Travel by the airline or other vendor. Agent are advised to be particularly careful of accepting credit cards for airline tickets from new clients either over the phone or via email. If the new client turns out to be using an invalid or stolen card, the agent will be responsible for any losses. The best protection is to know your clients and have a signed credit card authorization form.

All bookings utilizing Carrousel Travel’s ARC number are to be invoiced for the gross bookings amounts. You may not discount bookings, or sell net pricing unless you receive written authorization from Carrousel Travel to do so. Carrousel Travel reserves the right to invoice you the applicable commission percentages based on gross bookings including authorized net or discounted bookings.


Associates are independent contractors and may not represent themselves as a Carrousel Travel employee, therefore Associates need to use “Affiliate of Carrousel Travel” on all written and electronic correspondence if they are not using their own business name.

If creating a Facebook page, website, LinkedIn account or any other type of social media you must use “Affiliate of Carrousel Travel.” Carrousel Travel may not be listed alone on the site.

If Associate has a website they need to send the website info to Carrousel Travel to make sure wording/logos are compliant.


Jane Doe
Sr. Travel Consultant
Affiliate Agent of Carrousel Travel


Carrousel offers business cards with the following pricing:

First Time Orders/Changes on Card
Quantity 250 Cards

Reorder with No Changes
Quantity 250 Cards

First Time Orders/Changes on Card
Quantity 500 Cards

Reorder with No Changes
Quantity 500 Cards

Sample Business Card

Sample Business Card

**Any other use of the name of Carrousel Travel requires prior written approval including but not limited to marketing materials, promotional items, signs, car wraps, and group brochures.**