Debit memos are issued by the airlines for incorrectly claimed commission, commission recalls, incorrect fare calculations, back-to-back ticketing etc. In cases where commission was incorrectly claimed or commission has been recalled due to a refund, Carrousel Travel will pay the debit memo and deduct the amount from the agent’s next commission statement. A copy of the debit memo will be emailed to the agent. The amount deducted would be the commission taken on the ticket. If the debit memo is for a fare differential, the full amount of the fare differential less the commission will be deducted. For charge backs, the full amount is due. Carrousel charges a $10 fee for all debit memos received.

In cases where the debit memo could be unjustified, Carrousel Travel will provide written notice to the agent with a copy of the debit memo and ticket in question via email. Agents have five business days from the date the memo was sent to respond to Carrousel Travel. Once the response is received from the agent, a dispute will be sent back to the airline if applicable. If the airline declines the dispute, the debit memo is then paid and the agent’s commission statement is debited. If no response is received in the prescribed time, it will be assumed that the debit memo is correct and the amount of the debit memo will be deducted from the agent’s next commission statement. It is the agent’s responsibility to research the problem and provide a written response to the Carrousel Travel so it can be used to dispute the debit memo with the airline. Responses received after five days will be processed, however, the cost of the debit memo will not be credited on the commission statement until a response is received from the airline.