Carrousel offers both standard and custom client itineraries. Here are details on both.


We use a third-party software to process our itineraries. The itinerary will automatically generate within about 5-7 minutes after your reservation is ticketed or invoiced thru Jack. It has been programed to send the itinerary to the agent that created the reservation. To send an itinerary directly to your client from Worldspan add the email address into the 5.E field. Make sure you enter your own if you want a copy of the itinerary as well. To check and see what email address is listed in the record type in *UE


The Onqueue Itinerary has a few unique features. Calendar attachments are included on the emailed itinerary for each travel segment on the reservation. There will be a separate attachment for each flight segment and hotel segment. This allows you to save each item on your calendar to the date/time it occurs. There are links on the invoice for the client to connect directly to the airline they are flying to check in for their flight. The itinerary also includes all DOT required information in regards to baggage allowance and code-share flights so you can feel secure that your clients have all the information they need.

If you have your own company name, logo and website and would like your brand to show on your client’s itineraries the top portion of the itinerary may be customized for a one-time set up fee. If interested please email


Your client can’t find their itinerary or they need a new invoice to expense their trip.
There are a couple ways to resend an itinerary to a client.

  1. If it is still a live record you may simply queue the reservation to QEP/92*C21 to have it resent to you or your client.
  2. Fill out this easy form
    OnQueue Document Retrieval Form
  3. If it is a past date itinerary you may contact or with the client’s information and will send you an accounting generated invoice. Note: It will not look the same as the OnQueue invoice.
    OnQueue Itinerary


In Worldspan you can click on DOCUMENTATION, then CUSTOM ITIN

Worldspan Custom Itinerary

Choose Itinerary Only or Itinerary and Document History (this will include ticket numbers and service fees)

Custom Itinerary Sample

Scroll down on the page

Custom Itinerary Dollar Amount

You may adjust the dollar amount of the reservation if you need to or click on the garbage can to delete the price.

On the top right-hand corner, click on EMAIL

Custom Itinerary Email Options

Your custom itinerary email will be sent within 2 minutes.