Because of course we all want to know how we are going to be paid.


Commission payments are sent via ACH direct deposit on the 15th of each month. Associates will be paid for all commissions received the previous calendar month. For example, if a commission is received by Carrousel Travel in May, it will be on the May commission statement, which will be paid at the end of June.

  • Airline commissions are considered received on the date of ticketing. The commission that is claimed on tickets is controlled by an entry in the PNR. This is automatically entered when the agent copies a profile into the PNR. Stored in profiles, is a default commission line of 0% since this applies to most airlines tickets issued. If the itinerary/airline pays a commission, the commission field will need to be modified once copied into the PNR. Although Carrousel Travel audits commissions, it is the agent’s responsibility to have the correct commission level in the PNR at the time of ticketing. Missed commissions (for claiming less than entitled to) or debit memos (for taking too much) are the agent’s responsibility.
  • Tour and cruise bookings paid by check. You will send the full (gross) amount due to Carrousel Travel. Carrousel Travel will forward the net payment to the supplier. Gross payments are necessary for proper commission tracking purposes for both tax and IATAN purposes.
  • Car and hotel commissions differ significantly from other types of commissions in that neither the agent nor Carrousel Travel controls the payment to the vendor; therefore they are difficult to track. It is the agent’s responsibility to be sure hotel and car commissions are paid. This starts with being sure that Carrousel Travel’s ARC number is properly entered in every hotel and car segment sold through Worldspan and given with every hotel or car booking made via phone. In addition, a PNR with the hotel or car booking must be queued to Carrousel Travel correctly and completely, prior to the client’s stay or rental.

For reservations that are not built and invoiced in the system in Worldspan prior to the travel date, commission cannot be paid in the normal manner. A service charge of $10 will be imposed to research requests for commissions, which were not invoiced properly.


A commission statement is included with the commission check listing transactions on which commissions have been paid.

  • Air Sales – Tickets and other ARC documents sold during the previous month, with the sale amount and the commission amount for each item.
  • Non-Air Sales – Tours, cruises and non-ARC air sales, including entries for both deposits and final payments.
  • Explanations for charges that are deducted from commissions are also listed. Examples: Mailing charges, PNR correction charges or NSF handling fees, etc.

If there is a “Balance Due”, agents must have payment to Carrousel Travel no later than ten days from receipt. “Balance Due” amounts cannot be paid with following commission checks.