Remaking the Travel Experience

20 years after 9/11, we’re still moving forward in a world with Covid A letter from Carrousel Travel’s President As I was watching coverage of the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks it reminded me that this was the last time the country had unity of purpose and resolve. I mourn the lives lost…


Carrousel Case Study: When in Rome

When Monique Rochard-Marine, Director; Strategic Meetings Management & Event Operations, was asked by her organization’s CEO to plan a trip to a new continent with only 8 months’ notice and while expecting a child, she knew she needed help, fast. Luckily, she also knew that Carrousel Travel could step up to the plate. “I don’t…


Travel Safety: Assessing Location Risks & Incentive Travel

We live in an unpredictable world where danger isn’t always synonymous with location. However, organizations don’t really have any wiggle room when it comes to the safety of their employees. And that is something that should be factored in when it comes to creating your short list for meeting and incentive travel locations. As well…


Efficiency in Business Travel Reporting

Data can be overwhelming. And that might even be putting it mildly. Luckily, Carrousel can help. The long and short of it: robust data sets doesn’t do anyone any good unless you have ways to interpret it and turn it into something informative and actionable. For a lot of TMC tools, the data is available……


Building a Successful Partnership for Incentive Travel Programs

When we say “successful partnerships,” what (or who) comes to mind? Batman & Robin? Fred and Ginger? Bert & Ernie? Carrousel Travel and your organization? Okay, “successful” might be a bit of a reach for some of those (sorry, Muppets). But no matter what came into your mind, there are some commonalities between successful partnerships.…


4 Ways to Rethink Your Travel Policy

Improving travel policy compliance amongst business travelers is a goal of any organization. Which is why travel policies exist in the first place, right? Applying consistent, accountable standards around expenses is the first step to helping employees exercise not only good judgement, but to know what’s an appropriate expense and what isn’t. As one of…


Want vs. Need: How Non-Cash Rewards Motivate and Inspire Employees

Non-Cash Rewards

Deciding how to best optimize your organization’s incentive program varies from place to place. Industry, employee demographics, and more can play into what makes the *best* motivator for them. However, we do know one thing for sure: when you really want to inspire workers, turn toward non-cash rewards. We’ve shared information in the past about…


Key Takeaways for Business Travel from Concur Fusion 2019

Concur Fusion 2019

One of our favorite events every year is the annual Concur Fusion conference. Concur, in a nutshell, is an expense management software that organizations can use for invoices, budgets and of course, booking your travel online. Full of educational and networking opportunities for our clients and our employees, it’s an experience that always delivers a…


Location, Location, Location: Incentive Travel Ideas

Incentive Travel Ideas

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but we love planning trips at Carrousel Travel. From generating incentive travel ideas with companies to organizing excursions and events to welcoming the travelers back, it’s a rewarding challenge to help craft the perfect experience. But crafting the perfect experience isn’t something that always comes easy. As we…


Incentive Destination Spotlight: Nashville

Nashville: Meeting and Incentive Destination

Helping organizations discover the perfect destination for their meeting or incentive travel might sound like a daunting task. But partnering with Carrousel gives you access to our travel experts who have their fingers on the pulse of exciting spots across the world. Nashville, Tennessee is an increasingly popular destination for a lot of reasons. For…