Incentive Travel Ideas

Location, Location, Location: Incentive Travel Ideas

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but we love planning trips at Carrousel Travel. From generating incentive travel ideas with companies to organizing excursions and events to welcoming the travelers back, it’s a rewarding challenge to help craft the perfect experience.

But crafting the perfect experience isn’t something that always comes easy. As we work with different organizations and get a feel for their individual needs, we’ve learned a few things about what it takes to ensure an incentive travel trip meets both the objective and the interest of the group.

Things to Consider When Generating Incentives Travel Ideas


What’s the purpose of this trip? A reward trip for a sales team is going to have a very different objective than a team-building program for the entire company.  Spending time outlining exactly what needs to be accomplished can help us determine what activities or resources need to be available as well as the kind of locations that will work best.


With the objective in place, budget is the next thing to nail down in this foundational planning for incentive travel ideas. By knowing what kind of trip this should be, Carrousel knows whether the budget should cover all-inclusive resorts that limit guests’ out of pocket expenses or high-end president’s club-type hotels, and the locations to match. This will help shape other services and logistics down the line, such as room category, room composition and meeting and event needs.

Balancing Travel & Trip Length

Flight length, or time away from the office, is another factor that doesn’t always occur to organizations in their initial brainstorming sessions. But, in reality, this can make or break a reward trip. For example, a location that requires 20 hours of one-way travel for a five-day vacation? It really doesn’t feel like much of a vacation when flight time and jet lag are figured in. Carrousel can help you figure out what the best balance will be for your needs.

Location Considerations

It surprises some people that the location is usually one of the last things to work out when it comes to structuring incentive travel. But in reality, choosing the location first can be like pounding a square peg in a round hole. It’s more difficult to force a location to work for group travel than it is to find the location that fits the group.

With that said, once the other considerations are worked out, Carrousel can work with you on a list of locations. In addition to the things mentioned above, we can also iron out details around what might be needed for different locations. Should employees be required to have passports, are there any travel warnings in place, and all those other things that Carrousel will take care of for you.

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Bottom line: incentive travel should be a blast for everyone, from the travelers to the planners. And using an organization like Carrousel, which knows the travel industry inside out, can help make it a little more fun for your organization by alleviating some of the planning stress.

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