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Incentive Travel

Have You Lost That Incentive Trip Feeling?

Incentive Trip Feeling

If you’re here, chances are you already know that incentive travel is one of the best ways to inspire your workforce to their top performance and productivity. With almost 40% of organizations engaging in some form of travel rewards program, the options for creating a unique experience are limitless. However, incentive programs are hardly a…


4 Tips to Market Your Incentive Program

Incentive Travel Program

Incentive programs have long used travel to motivate employees. The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF)  reports that nearly 40% of US businesses use incentive travel to reward and recognize top employees and salespeople as well as channel partners. So we can safely assume that the word is out: incentive programs can be used to drive profit…


Number Crunching Motivation: The ROI of Incentives

ROI of Rewards Programs

As a travel management company, Carrousel Travel works with organizations of every size on their incentive travel and rewards programs. And while every organization is unique, some things never change. One of the most common questions organizations ask is around their return on investment. What’s the ROI of rewards programs? Like everything in this data-driven…


Cash Isn’t King: Non-Cash Rewards Speak Louder Than Dollar Bills

Non-Cash Rewards

The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) is one of the industry’s most respected sources for well-researched information. Their content focuses on the workplace: rewards, incentives, motivation, and recognition. When it comes to the global incentive and recognition industry, they’re pretty much the experts. Which is why we’re super excited to see what’s coming up in their…


5 Tips for Planning Cost-Effective Meetings & Incentive Programs

Cost Saving Meetings and Incentive Programs

Your organization could see huge cost savings for meetings with a little bit of foresight and planning that crosses over into incentive programs as well. Consider options around hotel negotiation, group air contracts, and more. Negotiate for multiple years Repeat business is the name of the game when it comes to hotel bookings. Being able…


How to Optimize Your Incentive Program

How to Optimize Your Incentive Program

When it comes to designing an incentive program, how does your company go about it? Chances are, if you’re relying on cash as your primary motivational tactic, there’s potential to do a lot better. Carrousel Travel recently hosted a Motivation Forum featuring Lantern Group president and behavioral scientist Kurt Nelson, Ph.D. As an expert in…


4 Ideas for Companies of Any Size to Engage In Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Each generation brings a different set of ideals and expectations to the culture as a whole. And from shopping habits to workplace environments, one of the biggest shifts to come in recent years is around corporate social responsibility (or CSR), and how it relates to incentive travel. Corporate social responsibility is a term open to…


Destination Team Building for Virtual Coworkers

Destination Team Building

One of the key pieces of any successful business is a team that works well together. While most of us don’t get to pick our coworkers any more than we get to pick our family, traditional work environments provide plenty of opportunities to build relationships. From simple daily interactions to organized office parties, it’s natural…