Incentive Trip Feeling

Have You Lost That Incentive Trip Feeling?

If you’re here, chances are you already know that incentive travel is one of the best ways to inspire your workforce to their top performance and productivity. With almost 40% of organizations engaging in some form of travel rewards program, the options for creating a unique experience are limitless.

However, incentive programs are hardly a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing. If it’s been a while since you revisited the experience planned for high-performing employees, it’s time to check in again. Before they check out and lose their excitement for the incentive program.

Bring your Incentive Trip to the Next Level

We love these suggestions from Motivate, all geared toward the idea that incentive travel experiences should be so spectacular that any employee will come back ready and raring to make it back next year! Here are our top suggestions for your organization’s incentive trip planning:

  • Personalize the trip
    Offer packages and modes by which an employee can personalize a trip. Big golfer? Include some trips to the courses. More of a beach dweller? Maybe add snorkeling, kite surfing lessons, or jet pack experiences to name a few. Things that will elevate the trip to something that’s true to their desires without breaking the bank.And don’t forget about creating the pre-trip excitement buzz. Create customized communication strategies that hype up the experience way before the departure date.
  • Provide opportunities to engage locally
    If your company is looking to increase their corporate social responsibility, think about tying that into your incentive program. If it’s appropriate, partner with the local organizations to give employees a chance to give back to the community.
  • Recognize what got them there
    Your employees worked hard to earn this trip. Take some time while they are there to thank them again, and remind them that they are valued. Making participants feel special--whether it’s a token of appreciation or something larger--is a great way to tie the experience back to your organization.
  • Follow up
    They’ve gone, they had a great time, and now they’re back. The post-vacation buzz can fade, but that gives you the opportunity to reconnect with them about it. Find something that’s true to your organization but still fun, whether that’s a souvenir from the destination or framed group photo of all the incentive travel recipients.

#InstagramWorthy Is Just One Piece of the Incentive Puzzle

Incentive trips are more than just conferences or a glorified business trip. It’s a thank-you to your top employees for investing their time and energy in the success of your organization. That’s worth a little extra care, isn’t it?

If you’re stumped for ideas about how to ramp up your incentive travel, don’t worry. Carrousel has years of experience as well as our finger on the pulse of what’s trending. We can help create the perfect experience that fits your organizational culture and your budget. Talk to us today!