Lower Air Spend

5 Ways to Save Money on Corporate Travel

Cutting costs as an organization is a regular practice. And no area should be free from scrutiny, particularly when it comes to your air spend. Corporate travel doesn’t come cheap, and it’s worth every penny a business can invest to make sure their programs are as efficient as possible.

But concerns about compromising safety or services always arise. That’s why we’ve put together these top tips to help organizations cut down on corporate travel without raising cause for alarm amongst your business travelers.

Tips to Lower Air Spend

  1. Run a check on your travel policy (and do it on a schedule)
    Think your travel policy is perfect? We guarantee there is something that you can modify or recalibrate over time. Make sure that there are clear procedures for everything, from booking flights to submitting expenses to ride sharing (see? We told you that your policy could probably use some updating - and while you’re at it, how do you feel about Airbnb?)
  2. Allow for pre-trip approvals
    Avoid wasted expenditures by making it clear who approves every aspect of a business trip. And, to make that even easier, look into using a travel management company with an online booking tool that can be adjusted to your processes and workflows.
  3. Save on flights and hotels
    Price tracking is one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck for lodging and travel. However, it’s also more than a little time consuming for organizations to track on their own. This is where Carrousel can help. You leverage our expertise, existing relationships, and more to save the maximum possible.
  4. Give employees control over food allowances
    Rather than have specific amounts determined for each meal, set an allowance for the entire day. This way, an employee can choose how much they want to parcel out for their breakfast, lunch and dinners instead of accidentally overspending consistently.
  5. Factor in auxiliary charges
    Wi-Fi, parking, all of these *extra* expenses can add up to a large bite of the budget. Make sure these are a part of the budget from the start to avoid unpleasant surprises later. And make a point to start checking which locations charge for these things… and which ones don’t.

Our Top Tip to Reduce Air Spend is…

Working with a travel management company. As noted above, we have many ways in which we can help your organization save money on corporate travel. And, by taking the arrangements out of the hands of your employees, we’re saving their time and money, too.

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