Meeting Trends 2018

Beyond the Board Room: 2018 Meeting Trends

It sounds crazy to believe that we are almost midway through 2018. As we hone in on the second part of the year, there are some definite meeting trends and new incentive ideas becoming more prominent in 2018.

As any event or meeting planner can confirm, the details that go into successfully pulling off an event are incalculable. Carrousel can help with some of the heavy lifting with flight arrangements, sourcing hotels, venues, and more, leaving your in-house planner free to focus on the goals and objectives of their event.

What to Watch in 2018: Meeting Trends

Tighter Budgeting

Prices for hotels and services are rising while budgets for events is increasing only marginally...if at all. Successful Meetings reports that, on average, hotel prices will increase by 3.7% this year. As a result, event planners are modifying their budgets by offering fewer optional activities, or avoiding resort-style destinations.

This is exactly where Carrousel can help you by leveraging our contacts and hotel relationships to ensure you get the best value and pricing for your event.

Integrating Tech Tools

Nearly 65% of Successful Meeting respondents identified keeping up with technology as the biggest meeting trend in 2018. What’s more, attendees expect it. Being able to check schedules via their mobile device, enhanced interactivity with the space, and more are all part of designing an experience now. For larger events and conferences incorporating apps that track attendees, iBeacons, RFID badges, etc. are all ways in which meeting and event planners can meet this demand. Additionally, while the upfront cost might sound intimidating, it can actually cut down in other areas.

For example, offering the schedule in an app or mobile-friendly design can cut out the need for a printer and graphic designer.

Security & Safety

It might sound strange to see this listed as a trend, since it seems like a given with any event—and it is. But with the seemingly endless news items about random terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and natural disasters, managing safety and security risks is turning into a high priority.

For many events and meetings, it becomes about increasing the perception of safety. Requesting uniformed security at events is becoming more common, along with regular bag checks and tighter restrictions.

The most important factor when managing safety for your guests is being able to communicate with them immediately. If you are faced with a safety situation, how will you communicate necessary action?  Technology apps will work in your favor when planning your next program.

Designing an Experience: Top 2018 Meeting Trend

It is actually easy to sum up these trends in one large theme: design an experience for attendees. While a great location is one thing, it’s another to dress it up in different ways, and apply new ideas in innovative ways.

Carrousel helps event and meeting planners think through their ideas and bring them to life. Using global partnerships and internal expertise to work through logistics, Carrousel can handle the details and let your planners focus on producing a great experience for attendees.

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