Employee Appreciation Week 2018

We spent last week celebrating Carrousel’s greatest asset – our team. We kicked off Employee Appreciation Week on Rise and Shine Monday with a waffle bar and breakfast spread. Fiesta Tuesday brought a taco lunch and a fun activity in the afternoon – we painted canvases to brighten up our cubicles.

On Worldly Wednesday, which also happened to be National Travel Agent Day, we enjoyed international snacks and engaged in a friendly contest that encouraged employees to dress in their favorite attire from around the globe. Our team donned everything from an Egyptian Galabeya to a Japanese Yukata, from Hawaiian and Kenyan dresses to a “United Nations” hat representing all of the countries in the world. In a close race, Sara’s Vietnamese Ao Dai took the cake!

Next we brought things a little closer to home with Minnesota Nice Thursday, which included an afternoon meat raffle – what a fun time! We wrapped up on Sweet, It’s Friday with some delectable desserts. A week of festivities is not enough to thank our team for all that they do, but it sure makes for some great Carrousel memories – and having a little fun around the office is always encouraged!

Check out how much fun we had!