Bringing Kindness to Kenya

One of our Travel Consultants, Carmella, just came back from a two week mission trip to Kenya. A member of her church started a home and school for teen moms and their babies. Fellow church members visit Kenya throughout the year to work with the moms and encourage them, and also do fundraisers here at home to support them. On Carmella's recent visit, the team took nine suitcases filled with curriculum and other supplies that the mothers and children need but can't get easily in Kenya. Here is what Carmella had to say about the experience:

“It was an eye opener for me, and I am anxious to help on this end and to go back again. Six of us went to do various things. Simple for the most part, but helpful. Sorting and taking inventory of donations from the church, which mostly consisted of clothing for moms and babies. We also did art projects with the girls, and had computer classes with them, as well as science. The guys in the group helped with some construction and repair work.”