TMC Benefits

4 Things Your TMC Can Do For You

When people are really good at their jobs, it can be easy to take for granted how much they do. When you make it look easy, it’s easy for people to assume that it IS easy. Even when it’s not the case. Like the work that travel management companies (TMC) do.

With the variety of websites offering flights, packages, hotel deals, car rentals and more, any business’s travel manager with a Wifi connection can book the makings of a trip. But things can get complicated if something needs to be cancelled or adjusted. Or if something needs to be scaled, like booking for multiple people and trips instead of just one. And, of course, falling prey to choosing the cheapest option out there because, well, it’s the cheapest option.

This is where the hidden value of a good TMC, like Carrousel Travel, comes in.  On the surface, it might look like booking flights and bargaining with hotels is how we spend our time. But there are a lot of other things that go into our workdays that benefit our customers.

What a TMC Can REALLY Do for Your Business

  1. Bring a proactive approach to travel policies
    We’ve written before about the importance of maintaining an updated travel policy for businesses. In short, many businesses treat their travel policies as a bit of a set-it-and-forget-it exercise until their designated review timeframe comes around again. But if we consider changes in just the last year or two, it’s clear that travel changes more rapidly than most document lifecycles. Uber, Airbnb, smartphone apps for budget tracking, these are all things that should already be part of your travel policy. TMCs keep your organization updated on how your compliance rules might be affected.
  2. Provide mobility and better services for business travelers
    The days of organizing paper receipts and expense reports are waning as we become more and more accustomed to doing just about everything from our smartphones. Leveraging technology is a great way to lower air spend for businesses; TMCs have many suggestions for tools and apps that make budgeting and tracking easier than ever for both business travelers and accountants. Not to mention changing seats on flights, checking in to hotels, and more.
  3. Increase efficiency for multiple departments
    Creating greater ease during travel for employees is just one piece of the increased efficiencies TMCs provide. We can provide tools that will automate reporting for expenses and other expenditures that are both intuitive and insightful.
  4. Save you money
    Does anything speak louder than the bottom line? You can probably read between the lines regarding how TMCs save money through increased efficiency, better services for business travelers, and staying on top of travel trends. But Carrousel Travel can also save you money in a very literal way. That’s by leveraging our partnerships and relationships with airlines, hotels, and related services. We’re constantly communicating with our contacts and consolidating corporate spend to ensure all of our clients get the best deal without sacrificing quality or safety.

The Cost of Being Good at Work

When you’re good at what you do, you make it look easy. When you’re ready to make your business travel look easy, give us a call.