Building a Future in Morocco

Carrousel Travel endeavors to make a difference in the countries we visit around the globe, most recently in Amizmiz, Morocco.

Morocco blends its amazing scenery and succulent cuisine with a colorful history and warm people. After being the first country in the world to recognize the newly independent United States of America, Morocco’s friendship with the U.S. has blossomed for over 240 years. Morocco is a place that doesn’t fit the stereotypes so typically thrown around in our less tolerant world. The people of Morocco are very welcoming and a nation of accepting, moderate Muslims, with some of the world’s most interesting history of religious tolerance between Muslims, Jews and Christians. It is certainly a country you should have on your bucket list and often exceeds travelers’ expectations.


We began our mission in Morocco in 2012 when we undertook the revitalization and rebuilding of a school in Tagnchout, a small mountainous Berber village about an hour from Marrakech. After building the school, we also completed a new well and pump for the village. From there, we identified another Berber Village school that was also in serious need of help. This project in Tourgamane was completed in 2014 and led to our most ambitious project. In conjunction with two of our most generous clients, International Academy of Trial Lawyers and American Board of Trial Advocates, we embarked on the construction of a forty room dormitory in Amizmiz, at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains. This project allows forty girls from poor mountain villages the opportunity to go to high school and create a better life for them and their families. A simple privilege we take for granted is not available to these girls, aged 11-18, because of poverty and a lack of facilities.

We hope you enjoy the accompanying slideshow depicting our journey through this amazing project. It teaches us that simple projects can make a difference, and the hope of all parents and children is truly universal. The audio portion of this video was recorded during the dedication of the dormitory on October 31, 2016 and presented by US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, Dwight L. Bush, Sr. His words are a simple, yet powerful reminder about what it means to be an American.

Speaker: Dwight L. Bush, Sr., U.S. Ambassador to The Kingdom of Morocco
Photography: Jensen Sutta, Neal Kraemer