Iceland // GoNorth DMC 2019


This was definitely the way to go. The driving there is pretty easy even in March especially if you’re from MN and are used to wet/snowy roads. The one thing I’ll say about Avis at the airport location is that it’s the first time in a long time I felt like a car rental place was shady. When I checked in, they insisted I didn’t have any kind of insurance even though I did. They put such fear in me that I ended up taking out coverage that I didn’t need. GoNorth helped me get it removed a few days later. It was a challenge but they did it.



Icelandair Marina is where we stayed for three nights. Very minimalist but the location was perfect for walking into town and the views were nice of the marina area. We could’ve been right in town at one of the other hotels, I suppose, but we found this to be perfectly charming and it was nice to be away from all of the noise. The included breakfast was plentiful with enough hot and cold selections. The lunch/dinner menu was actually really affordable. We dined there for lunch and dinner one day. It was fun to explore the other restaurants in the city, though.

Hotel Ranga is where we stayed for the next three nights in hopes of seeing the Northern Lights and we did the first night. It’s part of the Small Luxury Hotel group but not really 5-star like what you would imagine in other cities. It was very nice and secluded. The room was nicely appointed and it was nice having a hot tub (shared) that was steps away from our room with views of the open land. We did the meal plan with breakfast and dinner included. Highly recommended as the dinner is a three-course set meal each night (starter, main and dessert). Even though it was set, you could deviate from the menu and choose something else if you wanted. They accommodated our picky 6 year old vegetarian (except for bacon) nicely each night. The dinners were gourmet. The breakfasts were nice because you could order hot items in addition to the buffet items (good quality). They had champagne served each morning. They have a stargazing program one or two nights during the week and it fell on one of our nights. It was a cool experience because they set up their huge telescopes and tell us about what we’re seeing and the best way to view/capture the Northern Lights.

Northern Light Inn – This was the perfect stay for our last night so we could be near the airport. Quaint and nicely appointed. They do an afternoon tea time with make-yourself waffles complete with whipped cream. Dinner there was just fine. Nothing to write home about but was fine.



We did a food walking tour upon arrival into Reykjavik. Great way to stay awake and explore the city. There was so much useful information and so many food stops. The guide really went into the culture and history. So worth it!

The Into the Glacier tour was well worth it. The drive to get there and back was phenomenal with beautiful scenery and even an underwater tunnel. We had a super clear and mild day up on the glacier so it made a great experience and we took some amazing shots up there. You could see for miles. We ate at the restaurant that’s attached to the check-in area. It was the only option that was nearby and open. We didn’t realize that there was a discount card that came with the tickets. I think it was a like 10% off or something. Food was just fine. Service was good.

The volcano tour we signed up for got canceled but we did a different super jeep tour that went into the valleys and drove on the black-sand beach. Nice hike through the valleys with great views. The guide was super flexible considering the weather and the fact that we had to change our schedule.

We drove through Thingvellir National Park on our way to Hotel Ranga. I wish we would’ve spent more time there. I think you need an entire day for sure.

Geysir was nice to visit as was Gulfoss. Great photo ops. Both were pretty busy but I’m glad we made the stops.

We went to one of the local pools one day. It was quite the cultural experience. Not used to having someone watching me bathe (literally from a watch tower like room). The Secret Lagoon was just okay and Sean and I both agreed it was probably the one stop we could’ve done without. I will say that it was nice that it wasn’t as busy as the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon was crazy busy from the moment we parked but seemed like one of those things we just had to do. The blue water, steam and snow in the background were so neat. Even at 3 pm, it seemed a little like a party spot near the swim-up bar. It was crowded but a cool experience.

The drive to Vik from Hotel Ranga was a nice one and the views there are phenomenal.

Thordur was extremely easy to work with and knowledgeable. I would use Go North next time I book a group and I hope Leisure will consider them for FITs.